Step changing Task Force Tuna Group action plan with three new joiners


World major tuna broker F.C.F Fisheries, Bumble Bee Seafoods and leading fishing company Tri Marine have now officially joined the Task Force. In early November, Ken Kimble (Task Force Chairperson) and Tonette Lim (Task Force’s auditing specialist from UL) met with the new joiners and existing Member Thai Union in Tokyo. They reviewed work so far, our vessel traceability audits and ground breaking Task Force Social Compliance.

Task Force Social Compliance criteria currently includes child labour (no Fisher below 18 / age documentation available), Wages (minimum wage guaranteed / payment cycle is monthly / payment recording and pay records provided to workers) Employee contracts (employment contracts in place / fishers provided with copies of contracts / contracts in fisher’s language) and Forced Labor (voluntary work / freedom of movement / identification of human trafficking red flags).

The intention is to work to achieve one standard that works for all Members that has been rigor tested by the extensive Task Force Membership and ESA community.

Kimble with Task Force auditing specialists UL will fly to Majuro in early December to commence Pilot audits of Purse Seiners. Further progress updates to follow.

Secretariat – November 2016

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