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10th November 2020

How the Seafood Task Force is Pioneering Responsible Recruitment for the Seafood Industry

The Importance of Responsible Recruitment Since 2016, the Seafood Task Force (STF) has driven a responsible recruitment programme and work has been conducted to understand recruitment […]
25th January 2019

Thailand’s rapid fisheries reform results in a Green Card from the EU

Thailand has rigorously overhauled and improved its fisheries management and control systems since the Task Force was established and it has now been rewarded with a […]
12th December 2017

Using crowdsourcing to develop electronic traceability

Traceability is fundamental to the work of the Task Force. This means being able to track and trace seafood products through all stages of production, processing […]
12th December 2017

Securing Labour Rights through Social Compliance

The Farm to Plant Sub-Group is making steady progress at the farm to plant level of the Thai seafood supply chain. Part of our work is […]
12th December 2017

Championing Worker Voice

During our Membership Meeting in September, we were delighted that Stella Maris, Labour Protection Network(LPN), Project Issara, MWRN and Oxfam (facilitating the Thai CSO Coalition for […]
21st December 2016

Mitigating supply chain risk through traceability

12th November 2016

Task Force Members join Pew Charitable Trusts’ panel at Boston Seafood Expo ‘17

On the Monday of Seafood Expo North America, I had the opportunity to join a panel discussing ways to reduce IUU fish in supply chains along with Ken Kimble of the […]
12th November 2016

Step changing Task Force Tuna Group action plan with three new joiners

World major tuna broker F.C.F Fisheries, Bumble Bee Seafoods and leading fishing company Tri Marine have now officially joined the Task Force. In early November, Ken […]
11th November 2016

Vessel Monitoring – Encouraging Progress – October 2016

As our Sub Group returns from its October ‘16 visit to Thailand, we are pleased to report good progress. Following the Task Force’s initial vessel trial […]
11th November 2016

Task Force receives positive endorsement from The Prince’s Charities International Sustainability Unit

Great to receive a positive endorsement from this Organisation. Page 16 of the attached report describes the work of the Task Force as a beacon of […]
11th November 2016

HU describes Task Force as the most influential and diverse coalition of stakeholders operating in Thailand

In May 2016, Humanity United published their report – Assessing Government and Business Responses to the Thai Seafood Crisis.
10th November 2016

Gulf of Thailand feed FIP formally announced in Bangkok


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