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What is the Seafood Task Force?

We are a group of seafood processors, feed producers, buyers, retailers, government representatives and NGOs who have come together to address issues surrounding labour and illegal fishing in seafood supply chains currently focusing on the seas around Thailand.

Is the Seafood Task Force the same as the Shrimp Sustainable Supply Chain Task Force?

Yes, as Membership has grown, equal emphasis is now being placed on tuna and other seafood products so we have changed our name to reflect this broader scope.

What are the key issues that the Task Force is trying to address?

Seafood supply chains are often long and complex. Due to this complexity, labour abuse can sometimes enter the supply chain. Recent media investigations have highlighted these issues and some of them point to the Thai fishing industry and to Thai fishing vessels engaged in illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU). The Thai fishing industry is our current focus.

What has the Task Force done to address these issues so far?

In simple terms the Task Force has mapped the various supply chains of the buyers / processors within it, implemented track and trace systems to provide visibility, engaged with government and industry to upgrade codes of conduct and legislation as well as supported the formation of fishery improvement projects (FIPs). It has divided its workload into Sub-Groups.

Why is the Task Force different to other organisations?

We are the only international multi-stakeholder collaboration with full supply chain participation addressing risks of forced labour and human trafficking and IUU Fishing in the Thai seafood supply chain. We recognize that the social issues related to human rights abuse and the environmental issues related to marine conservation are both closely linked to illegal, unreported and uncertified fishing (IUU) hence the Task Force’s clear focus on tackling IUU. With strategic action plans, we are making things happen.

Is the work of the Task Force just focussed on Thailand?

The Task Force is currently focussed on Thailand but over time, it will start to use the models it is currently developing to expand its scope to other countries.

How can our organization get involved?

The Task Force is open to all types of organisations whether commercial or not. Anyone who buys seafood or has an interest to participate to actively solve the problems being faced can become a member. Please note, this is an action oriented group and all members are expected to actively contribute to the Sub-Groups, regular meetings and supporting the various work streams.

How is the Task Force funded and are there membership costs involved?

The Task Force is funded through Membership dues and donations.

How are decisions made?

The Task Force Board’s elected Chairperson is responsible for leading Task Force discussions and reaching agreement, where possible, by Board consensus. Decisions require a simple majority.

The Task Force counsels regular opinion from its Members and holds a full-member meeting bi-annually. This meeting is key to the development of strategy and long-term goals. Due to its scale, the Board meets regularly (via electronic means) to make short-term decisions on behalf of the Organisation.

Who is currently participating?

Task Force membership is split into funding partners and non-commercial stakeholders. For current Membership details click here.

What do the Membership fees cover?

Membership budget is required for the Task Force to finance full-time administrative management by means of a Secretariat, Multi-stakeholder Communications by means of dedicated specialist communication resources and external expertise by means of carefully selected partners bringing skills and services to the Sub-Groups as required. Budget allocation and cost approval decisions for these services and all other budget decisions sit with the Task Force Board.

What is the fee period?

The annual fee covers twelve calendar months from the individual date of the Member receiving Membership Application approval from the Secretariat.

We want to become a Member and get actively involved, what’s the immediate next step?

Contact the Task Force Secretariat who will send through copies of the Membership Agreement, Bylaws and Antitrust Compliance Policy for your consideration.

We are not eligible to join but are interested in the progress being made – can we receive updates?

Yes, if you want to receive progress updates simply visit the contact page and subscribe to our mailing list.


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