Whilst tackling the issues step by step, its ambition is that, over time, outputs will be fully adaptable and scalable for use across the globe.

It has recently introduced essential Governance and Terms of Reference to ensure that the correct levels of oversight and due process are fully embraced. But this must never hinder the progress we make on the ground.


The Task Force’s Ten Guiding Principles

In all of its work, the Task Force must:

  1. Listen and seek to understand.
  2. Always be a well-balanced group with stakeholders in ethics, fisheries and aquaculture supply chains.
  3. Take a step-by-step approach.
  4. Abide by a clearly defined scope.
  5. Always use Industry best practice.
  6. Employ measurable, clear and auditable metrics. (And drive technological solutions too.)
  7. Utilize open source, clearly documented and scalable protocols so that models and outputs can be easily adopted.
  8. Ensure that there is a clearly defined membership process with appropriate Terms of Reference and Governance outlining the ways of working and how we communicate.
  9. Use the Task Force’s collective purchasing influence as a lever to engage with government to drive urgent action.
  10. Make things happen.

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